Reward Your Staff - Get them Scuba Diving

  • Do you want to do something extraordinary for your hard working staff?
  • Give your staff a great experience together?

Well, here's a unigue opportunity: PADI now offer you dive courses that you can use as incentives for your staff or rewards for your high performing staff.

It's a well known fact: The benefits an employer offers are a key factor in keeping good employees. Additionaly benefits keep employees devoted to what they do - which means that considerable financial gains are abtained directly from providing good benefits. So what benefits will do the most for the employee and ultimately for the company? The answer is simple: the ones that provide the most fun and personal growth. This is why Scuba Diving is absolutely ideal.

Fun & Personal Growth

With PADI you can offer your hard working staff something that truly broadens their horizons. Scuba Diving is not only a thrilling, life changing experience for the individual - it's also a way to significantly motivate your staff and improve performance, morale, group dynamics and creativity. This means that using Scuba Diving as a benefit is a way of providing staff with a possibility to grow. Diving lets you enter a different world of new colours, shapes, textures and creatures. Entering this new world sparks curiosity which again sparks creativity by immersing you in new sensations and experiences. It really transforms your perception of life and work. Also, diving is a fun opportunity to share a laugh and socialise. Diving as a staff benefit is an extremely good way to show your staff just how much you appreciate their work.

Discover Scuba Experience - Staff Rewards

PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and we are the world's largest recreational diving membership organisation. PADI's Discover Scuba Diving program is an experience that focuses on adventure and personal growth by introducing your staff to the excitement of being able to breath underwater. The skills your staff will master at the end of the session can of course also be used as credit towards future diving qualifications such as the PADI Open Water Diver Courses. As your Instructor will tell you, the great thing is that your staff can always keep diving, so this is a staff benefit that only becomes more and more exciting over time ! Another beneficial program we offer is First Aid training the basic Emergency First Response Course. This course delivers valuable first aid skills where individuals and team building strengthens. At the same time within a relaxed atmostphere while enjoying a fun program. All three above progams will reward your staff, and can also lead to further more advanced training.

Special Corporate Offer

Getting your staff diving for the first time is great value for money for you as a leader. Your PADI Instructor is a highly trained and experienced professional, and the experience will give your staff an interest they can learn a lot more from and enjoy together for the rest of their lives. And remember: diving is something you can do anywhere and there are brilliant dive sites near you !

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