Twinset Fundamentals Workshop

Twinset Fundamentals Workshop (1 day) - Pre Course Taster

This workshop introduces divers to the use of Twinset diving, enhanced buoyancy, finning and streamlining techniques. Thereby making you more comfortable, competent and confident underwater. Optionally it introduces the diver to new and different kit configurations. Advice is given on an individual bases on what to buy. It is a great workshop for the diver unsure whether Technical diving is for them, or what kit to buy.

Altenatively, it may help you get the most out of your recently purchased Tech kit and offer skill improvements for the new Tech diver. We film each student underwater and give a full critique on technique areas for improvement. This valuable service guarantees an opportunity to improve your skills as YOU can see what you are doing right and wrong instantly on screen.This programme acts as a basic foundation and training gateway to more advanced diving such as the Advanced Nitrox Diver Course.

This one day 1 -2 dives programme will make you realise how much safer diving with a twinset is, which is one of many benefits you will learn with us at C-Life Dive School.

Twinset fundammentals can be taken either as a stand-alone development course or as a primer for advanced and technical level training.

Course Cost


As offered by C-Life Dive School, this course

  • Allows for supervised demonstration and further practice of essential buoyancy, streamlining and advanced propulsion techniques.
  • Provides the diver with knowledge and experience of more advanced buoyancy control skills while using and practicing different or new kit configuration.
  • We will help you decide on which type of wing to buy, independents or manifolded twins, and what's an isolator and how do I use it? All these questions and more will be answered on our Twinset Fundamentals workshop
  • You will also try diving with stage cylinders, and how to do a 'shutdown' drill on a twinset.
  • We'll even teach you how to fin backwards!
  • This programme acts as a basic foundation and training gateway to more advanced diving such as the Advanced Nitrox Diver Course.

The programme is ideal if you have not bought your own Twinset, as by the end of the day you will be armed with the knowledge you need to make an educated buying decision! If you already own a twinset, we'll help you optimise it into the most streamlined, efficient and safest twinset system it can be.

On completion you will be more prepared with skills to practice before embarking onto the Twinset Speciality or Advanced Nitrox Diver Course.

Programme Overview


  • Using wing/harness systems
  • Single or twinset setups
  • Canister torch, hose placements
  • Utilising Stage Bottles

Propulsion Techniques

  • Frog Kick / Modified frog kick
  • Full turns, reversing skills

Advanced Control

  • Controlled descents/ascents
  • Horizontal placement, Hovering, trim
  • Out of Gas and primary rescue drills


Advanced Open Water Diver, EanX Diver, 15yrs old, 50 logged dives with 10 between 27-40m.

This program will take place either at St.Andrews Lake or Leybourne Lake. Please request booking forms through our contact page.