Rebreather Try Dive

Rebreather Try Dive

Are you ready for the greatest dive innovation since Cousteau's aqualung?

Inspiration CCRs open up incredible new worlds for skilled divers… allowing you to dive silently amongst the wildlife and explore further, for longer, in greater comfort. From reef to cave, shore to deep wreck… the advantages are dramatic.

Advantages of Rebreather Diving;

  • Dive deeper: the optimum nitrox mix at every depth
  • Stay longer: with dramatically increased ‘no-deco’ bottom times
  • Greatly reduced deco: if you do incur penalties, O2-rich deco gets you out of the water quicker
  • Extreme low gas use: consumption is governed by metabolism not depth, so average use is only about 1 litre/min!
  • Greater comfort: with warm, moist breathing gas
  • Versatility: out-of-the-box unit ready-to-go, shallow or deep
  • No expensive gas-mixing / pre-planning for a target depth
  • Perfect buoyancy control: unaffected by breathing
  • No bubbles, silent diving: get up really close to the wildlife

Experience Description

Quite often this will be a one-on-one day at a local pool or lake trying an APD Inspiration or Evolution Plus rebreather before you enrol onto our CCR Course, or before you buy your own CCR. During the briefings you will be shown how to assemble the unit, run through the checks, a few safety skills and how to clean the unit after use.

Option 1 - Swimming Pool 2hr Experience - using a rebreather worth £8,000

Option 2 - 1-2 60min dives with an Instructor in a shallow local lake - using a rebreather worth £8,000

Experience Objectives

Specific rebreather unit breifing, general understanding of rebreathers, conduct safety skills, 1-2hrs diving the unit.

Prerequisites for Experience Entry

  • The student shall be at least 18 years old at time of course entry.
  • The student shall have graduated from a minimum of an internationally recognized Open Water course
  • No dives other than those required for Open Water

Course Equipment Requirements

  • Each student is to have access to and full use of a re-breather for the duration of the experience. PSAI do not recommend sharing re-breathers.
  • Exposure equipment suitable for use in the environment where the course is conducted.
  • Independent bailout equipment. This must be supplied by the Instructor where the student has no prior experience of setup.

Course Cost

Option 1 - £158 - Pool

Option 2 - £263 - 2 Lake Dives. Club Members Rate - £242

After the CCR Taster;

Book the CCR Rebreather Diver Course